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Whether your machine is just a little out of sorts or experiencing major difficulty you will appreciate our ability to efficiently diagnose the underlying cause and take corrective action. Machine tool repair in general, and CNC repair in particular, can be very challenging but the task is greatly simplified when proper troubleshooting techniques are employed. At DTS we have the skills and the training to diagnose and solve virtually any machine failure!
Our Services

Just as important as having your machine running is having it run right. Through proper calibration techniques greater machining accuracy can be achieved. This may mean adjusting linear compensation, encoder calibration, parametric servo tuning, etc. At DTS we have the tools and the knowledge to make your machine perform to the best of its ability!

Preventative Maintenance
Too often preventative maintenance of the machine tool is overlooked but it is essential not only to the working life of the machine but also as a means of preventing breakdowns which invariably occur when production is critical. At DTS we don't waste your time and money performing PM procedures which provide little or no benefit to the longevity and productivity of your machine. Instead we focus on primary areas of concern such as lubrication which is the lifeblood of the machine and on items which we have identified as having high rates of failure. The time allotted for preventative maintenance is spent addressing issues which directly affect the machine tools ability to perform to specification over the long run with the fewest possible interruptions in service!